Incorporating intelligence to production

EUSKADI-BASQUE COUNTRY: Industry is a driving force of innovation

Euskadi, as the Basque Country is known in Basque, is a small country but with a strong identity. With a history stretching back over 5,000 years, Euskadi has a distinctive culture and a language that is unique in the world. Euskadi is today a modern country that has managed to adapt to the times and is at the forefront of Europe in terms of quality of life and sustainable human development. The Basque Country is involved in the race towards competitiveness in a global and highly industrialised economy, in which it currently boasts 1,660 enterprises operating internationally and more than 5,000 companies with the highest quality certifications. Industry is the Basque economy’s driving force and key to create quality jobs.

Basque Industry 4.0 strategy

The advanced manufacturing strategy, Basque Industry 4.0, is building the foundations to support the development of the factory of the future. Among other factors, it means a commitment to the incorporation of intelligence into production means and systems, the use of emerging technologies and capabilities in new products and processes, and the integration of advanced materials into higher value added solutions or improved processes. Basque Industry 4.0 is based on three strategic pillars: Basque Digital Innovation Hub, Training for employment and New business models.

Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network

The Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network is a group of Science and Technology agents working together, developing specialised, world-class, market-oriented research that contributes to the creation of wealth and wellbeing in the Basque Country. The network consists of 120 accredited Members: Singular Agents, Basic and Excellence Research Centres (BERC), the Research Structures of the Universities, Cooperative Research Centres (CIC), Multifocused Technology Centres, Sectoral Technology Centres, Agents for the Dissemination of Science, Technology and Innovation, Supply/Demand Intermediation Agents, Corporate R&D Units, Health R&D Organizations and Health Research Institutes.

High innovation country

Commitment to innovation is the hallmark of the Basque Country and has brought in recognition and resources at European level. In addition to being the autonomous community that assigns the highest percentage of it GDP to R&D, 1.88%, its scientific, technological and business capabilities have placed it among the European high innovation countries.

Basque Industry 4.0 – Euskadi-Basque Country
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reception where you can enjoy Basque
gastronomy and folklore. Musicians
Felipe Ugarte and Imanol Ugarte from
Urnieta, Spain, will play Basque music.
You are all invited to join this event!
03.04.2019, 1:00 pm

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