Synesis LLC

Synesis is a global technology provider in video analytics and business intelligence. Its core competences include network video infrastructure, scalable video analytics, cloud services and mobile. Synesis has developed and commercialised a range of products and technologies including: - ONVIF-based HD camera and multichannel video encoders; - i-LIDS approved video analytics; - Open-source ONVIF video management software; - 3D modelling and simulation engine to estimate security system performance; - high speed face detection engine for accurate multimedia content indexing; - stereoscopic video registration and face matching framework; - embedded digital image stabiliser (antishaker) with subpixel compensation; - fingerprint and palmprint identification engine.

IT Services

  • Aggregation / Interface management of applications
  • Localization of software / UI / Knowledge management
  • New development (incl. maintenance or follow-up insourcing)
  • Operation and assistance of applications
  • Operation of maintenance of applications
  • Resourcing / Sharing specialists und know-how
  • Security Services

Business Sectors Served

  • Retail
  • security


  • Not Applicable (N/A) for Software Products and Services


  • IBM (USA)
  • Dallmaier (Germany)
  • Technoserv (Russia)
  • Lanit (Russia)
Company Details
Contact Person
Mr. Nikolai Ptitsyn
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