Nexus Electronics

Nexus Electronics provides advanced cloud computing and mobile applications for businesses that help reduce costs and grow revenue by increasing the productivity of human resources and assets used in the company. Our most innovative products are: 1. Zimplu CRM, an easy to use web-based CRM system used by Sales, Marketing and Customer Support departments to increase revenue and grow customer satisfaction. 2. Nexus GPS Tracking, the fleet management system used by companies to reduce costs by lowering fuel consumption of company's vehicles. 3. Enigma is the advanced tool for monitoring office computers in order to generate productivity reports for each employee. Enigma can tell if an employee spent his time during work by using productive applications or by using applications for leisure.

IT Services

  • Application development
  • Database development / Interfaces / Queries
  • Localization of software / UI / Knowledge management

Business Sectors Served

  • Our software solutions are used by companies who activate in almost any business sector. The most common sectors are: transportation
  • construction
  • agriculture
  • telecom
  • fast moving consumer goods
  • distribution etc.


  • We currently serve over 1200 business customers. Our clients are from Romania
  • Portugal
  • South Africa
  • France
  • Slovenia
  • Russia
  • USA
  • India
  • Germany.
Company Details
24 Alexandru Donici
Contact Person
Mr. Razvan Paraschiv
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