Daxx Experienced Software Developers

Choosing Daxx means working with the right developers, dedicated exclusively to your business. Daxx has over 15 years of experience bridging the gap between supply and demand for IT professionals by providing companies of all sizes with dedicated software development teams from Ukraine and Moldova. We specialize in the custom recruitment of software developers for US and European companies like Viber, Phillips and Rocket Web. The team setup will be totally personalized based on your criteria. You manage your remote team directly, while we take care of back-office hassles like payments, benefits, and insurance. We help you coach the team so you will be effective from the start. We can ramp up teams within 15 working days: PHP, .Net, Java, Front-End, Ruby on Rails, Python, Mobile and more

IT Services

  • Application development
  • Database development / Interfaces / Queries
  • New development (incl. maintenance or follow-up insourcing)
  • Personnel Training / Recruiting abroad
  • Resourcing / Sharing specialists und know-how
  • SEO
  • Webdesign / Design UI


  • Phillips/Netherlands
  • Kwebbl/Netherlands
  • Vliegtickets/Nettherlands
  • Viber/Israel
  • Rocket Web/United States
  • ThePixel/The UK and 50 more
Company Details
Zaandijkerweg 8
1521 AX
Contact Person
Mrs. Valeria Kokina
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