Data Driven Asia

We are a data engineering company based in south jakarta, Indonesia. We have a passion in data & information.Our mission is creating a solution & insight based on data. Our years experienced in data management have shown us that “data driven system” is require for every business

IT Services

  • Aggregation / Interface management of applications
  • Application development
  • Consulting Planning Infrastructure
  • Content generation / Data collection
  • Content management / IP rights management / Syndication
  • Database development / Interfaces / Queries
  • Resourcing / Sharing specialists und know-how
  • SEO

Business Sectors Served

  • Developing an Insight Finding an insight within a big & unstructured data is very challenging
  • but with our analytical engines
  • those kind of challenges can be done within a minute Developing a data driven model From big & unstructured data to Big & structured data. Those kind of challenge needs a data modeling
  • and in Data Driven Asia
  • those challenges is easy as 1 2 3. Developing an integrated IOT Systems Embedded System or IOT is abreak through solution for maintaining & analyzing a large and distributed sytems. Our years of experiences in embedded system
  • can help you. Developing a data driven systems BI Dashbaord that integrated datastream from all over internet and your corporate data & creating and insight within an minute .

Platforms / Languages / Tools

  • Windows


  • Scrum
  • Agile

Potential cooperation forms

  • Contract
  • Equity


  • Bank Mandiri/Indonesia Bank CIMB/Indonesia BNP Paribas Singapore/Singapore Indonesia Ministry of Fishery & Maritime
Company Details
Kalibata Residences, Tower Cendana 12 CN
Jakarta Selatan
Contact Person
Muhammad Imran
  • English
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