Ascent Soft SRL

Ascent Soft was created in 2000, when the old company ProAscent followed one of the two distinct paths of activity crystallized in the period 1996-2000, which led to the creation of two independent partner companies, one specialized in the development and implementation of economic software and the other one specialized in design and advertising services. Nowadays, the AscentERP integrated system has been implemented in companies from several parts of the country and our distribution and service network is still extending. Together with the extensive development of our sales area, our applications were developed intensively through new platforms used as database support (PostgresSQL, FirebirdSQL, MSQLServer, Oracle, etc.), new technologies (client-server, .NET thin-client) and more.

IT Services

  • Application development
  • Database development / Interfaces / Queries
  • Execution of individual development phases (e.g. test)
  • Localization of software / UI / Knowledge management
  • Network administration / User management
  • New development (incl. maintenance or follow-up insourcing)
  • Operation and assistance of applications
  • Operation of infrastructure / Data centers
  • Operation of maintenance of applications
  • Resourcing / Sharing specialists und know-how

Business Sectors Served

  • An extended area of implementation for actual solutions (production of electronic components
  • food production
  • furniture production
  • distribution
  • services
  • retail stores networks
  • etc.). Our consultant team was also extended
  • gaining experience and developing the competency to easily find optimum implementing solutions in a wide range of activity domains.


  • ISO 9001:2008 ISO 27001


  • Superfood Company SRL/Romania LC Electronic SRL/Romania ESPE Energia S.A./Romania Acellum Scarpa SRL/Romania ETG Sollini /Romania Shoes Group Cezare Paciotti/Romania Grosvenor Electronics/Romania Inteliform/Romania Ravitex/Romania A&D Profial Company /Romania Contab Prest/Romania WMT /Romania Zoomir/ Romania Filip SRL/Romania Todorut International/Romania Erromed / Romania ANG Logistic/ Romania Stardust Travel/Romania Smart Way/Romania
Company Details
Vadu Crisului 30
Contact Person
Mr. Mag. Dan Turcitu
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