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Jobs Ohio is presenting a powerhouse of manufacturing - Text: Glenn Richardson, Managing Director, JobsOhio

Situated within the Midwestern United States, below the Great Lakes and in close proximity to many of North America’s biggest cities, it is the seventh largest state with the third largest manufacturing workforce in the U.S.: Ohio

Ohio has a well-deserved reputation as a manufacturing powerhouse, earned through knowledge and hard work. From steel to rubber, plastics and composites; cars to airplane engines; raw materials to the full supply chain and end users, Ohio has it all. Ohio offers the best ecosystem for manufacturers that translates into a healthy mix of assets necessary to increase efficiency, save money and cultivate long-term growth.

Many of today’s industry leaders such as Rockwell Automation, Festo, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, and General Electric already operate in the state. Ohio also holds claim as the top supplier state to Airbus and The Boeing Co. There’s no question that Ohio is made for makers, which is why manufacturers continue to invest there. In 2017, JobsOhio, Ohio’s state-level economic development company, reported $1.2 billion in capital investment for manufacturing, the second largest industry investment in the state.

For decades, Ohio has been home to what connects, powers and changes the world. As technology continues to impact manufacturing, Ohio is building on its generations of manufacturing knowledge to maintain its momentum in the evolving industry.

Connected modern manufacturing

Ohio is a global leader in advancing next generation manufacturing through the collaborative support of a comprehensive and connected innovation ecosystem. Companies in Ohio invest in research and development (R&D), creating transformative technologies by partnering with universities, incubators and research organizations. Recently, the Cleveland Foundation awarded $1.75 million to Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University to assist with the development of their Internet of Things (IoT) Collaborative. This collaborative will facilitate R&D, consulting and workforce programs around IoT applications in manufacturing, energy, health care and civic infrastructure areas. Advancements in IoT will drive improvements in some of Ohio’s strongest sectors, such as health tech and autonomous and connected vehicles, which rely heavily on device-to-device communication for functionality.

Companies in Ohio invest in research and development (R&D), creating transformative technologies by partnering with universities, incubators and research organizations”

The Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership network is dedicated to the productivity, growth and global competitiveness of Ohio’s manufacturers. Moreover, Ohio participates in four Manufacturing USA institutes – America Makes, Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT), NextFlex, Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) – to give companies access to R&D resources in additive manufacturing, advanced composites, lightweight materials and flexible electronics.

IACMI is a partnership of industry, academia and government that is focused on the development of carbon fiber and other advanced materials. JobsOhio became a charter member of IACMI to foster Ohio’s carbon fiber industry. In connection with IACMI, JobsOhio has worked up to date on seven projects with Ohio companies, committing nearly $1.2 million and leveraging an additional $7.1 million in private and IACMI funds.

Ohio has a sizable concentration of additive manufacturing resources that offer a variety of opportunities for partnerships to expedite additive innovation”

Ohio has a sizable concentration of additive manufacturing resources that offer a variety of opportunities for partnerships to expedite additive innovation. Situated in Northeastern Ohio is America Makes, a driver in Ohio’s additive manufacturing advancement. It partners with incubators, entrepreneurs, companies of varying sizes, schools, organizations and other resources to educate, facilitate research and, ultimately, further additive manufacturing capabilities. These assets in addition to private and public organizations researching and developing emerging technologies – like Battelle Labs, Wright-Patterson Air Force Research Labs, NASA Glenn Research Center and many of our colleges and universities – keep Ohio companies at the forefront of advanced manufacturing.

The access to these resources facilitates collaborative opportunities for product development, talent sourcing and capital funding, allowing companies to get to the market faster.

Low cost of doing business

Innovation is not always easy, especially for many small to medium-sized manufacturing companies that cannot always afford to take risks. Fortunately, Ohio makes innovation affordable, as it has the lowest effective tax rate for capital intensive manufacturing in the Midwest region. Furthermore, a consistent tax structure overall gives companies the predictability to sustain long-term planning.

Industrial lease rates in Ohio are up to 43 percent less per square foot than the national average. Similarly, manufacturing wages for Ohioans are 10 percent lower than elsewhere in the U.S. Because of Ohio’s low cost of living, employees can have an excellent quality of life for less. And instead of additional expenditures on operations, companies can reinvest that money into R&D and new ways of staying competitive.

Industrial lease rates in Ohio are up to 43 percent less per square foot than the national average”

A robust workforce

Over 686,000 individuals are in Ohio’s manufacturing workforce. This talent experiences both classroom and hands-on training to ensure they have the right skills to jump in and apply their learning on day one of the job. Ohio’s talent pool is your talent opportunity. And there are a number of universities, technical centers and trade schools in addition to co-ops, internships and apprenticeships that add to Ohio’s pipeline of available qualified talent. Mobile training units, certification programs and workforce development programs also provide upskilling opportunities for those currently in the workforce.

Partnerships between industry and academia are creating opportunities for next-generation education. Cincinnati State Technical and Community College recently announced that they are partnering with GE Additive to grow the additive manufacturing employment base. America Makes co-sponsored Cleveland-based Tooling U-SME, a manufacturing training resource, in introducing the industry’s first additive manufacturing certification.

The Ohio Manufacturing Association, in conjunction with state partnerships such as JobsOhio, are coordinating STEM initiatives across the state to deliver the manufacturing talent to support the needs of today and the demands of tomorrow.

A unique business partner

When you invest in Ohio you’re not only benefiting from one of the strongest, most collaborative and dedicated manufacturing industries in the U.S., you’re also gaining a partner in JobsOhio. Our unique business model is designed to keep negotiations moving at the speed of business. We have teams of industry experts with years of experience in our industries who will open doors to talent, research, partnerships and other opportunities.

At JobsOhio, the relationship comes first. Through a client-focused approach, JobsOhio has created programs to assist companies with growth:

      • JobsOhio R&D Center Grant: Funding to foster R&D centers that specialize in advancements in areas like additive manufacturing, advanced materials, aero propulsion, autonomous vehicles, data analytics, IoT, sensors and more.
      • JobsOhio Revitalization Program: Funding to redevelop underutilized properties and put them back into productive use.
      • SiteOhio: A site authentication program going beyond certification.

The SiteOhio seal means that all due diligence studies are complete and clear; utilities have been verified to be at the property with sufficient available capacities; and surrounding uses have been vetted for compatibility with industrial operations

No matter the company size, no matter the level of integrated technology and no matter the product – Ohio can help the modern manufacturer connect with the resources they need to be successful. Visit www.jobs-ohio.com for more information on advanced manufacturing opportunities in Ohio.

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