Morocco’s Start-ups and SME – Partners for digitalization

The Competence Centre for Automation in Morocco (CCoA) promoted dialogue between Moroccan start-ups and SMEs and the German industry in a webinar in December 2022, and discussed perspectives for cooperation.

At an online matching on 07 February 2023, the young companies presented themselves in pitches – and showed a high level of industrial solutions development.

Morocco offers rich potential for industrial cooperation, due to its renowned universities and its dynamic start-ups and SMEs within a global network. 

The seminar in December provided information on how internationally active companies can cooperate successfully with Moroccan partners, and discover potential for R&D projects in Morocco. 

For industrial companies, the forms of cooperation range from classic off-shoring, to participation in companies, to setting up their own subsidiaries, which can then take over development or cross-national sales in Africa.

Johannes Kirsch of ZVEI analysed the resource requirements and international perspectives of the German electrical industry. Alen Avdic, founder of the Dortmund-based cybersecurity company Tectag, reported why and how he chose Morocco as a location for expansion to Africa.

Moroccan Ecosystems: huge potential


Solutions in the agriculture fields using artificial intelligence, IoT and computer vision. It offers technological solutions to estimate the yield of a crop using a hardware and a software package.

OCP Maintenance Solutions is a start-up specializing in providing maintenance 4.0, reliability, and digitization solutions for industries. It offers a range of products and services, which include Isense, a cloud based IoT platform as well as hardware innovations and AR based trainings.

Genivar offers SAAS platform for management, monitoring, traceability of objects via IOT (GPS / RFID) / GPRS, to support companies to implement an effective management policy and reduce energy expenses.

Specialised in automating machine learning for structured data and computer vision for edge AI use cases. The cloud-based AutoML solution can automate the training and deployment of models, an edge computer vision solution can provide real-time, low-latency analysis of visual data. 

Innovative solutions of energy efficiency, renewable energies and their applications,. Patented solution in marine energy Wave Beat which protects infrastructures in front of sea and produces green energy.


STONE Engineering is an engineering company specialising in Instrumentation and Industry 4.0 solutions, software implementation and Industrial Engineering. It is offering Wireless & Cloud based Monitoring systems, Digital Twin solutions, smart sensors and Predictive maintenance.


Specializing in solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data Analysis. Solutions for optimization, productivity improvement, automation of human tasks, as well as consulting and training services.

Specialized in in smart and connected objects (IOT), dedicated to the petroleum distribution industry. Offers “AFMS” (AZA Fuel Management System) to manage fuel processes.


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