Meisterplan Supports Efficient International Collaboration at Majorel

Majorel, a global customer experience and business process outsourcing leader with more than 82,000 team members, faced the challenge of managing multiple IT portfolios with various tools and methods across the 45 countries where it operates. The lack of a centralized overview led to duplicate efforts, overlaps, and inefficient use of resources. To address this challenge, Majorel implemented Meisterplan, a cloud-based project portfolio management tool, which provided an overarching portfolio view, streamlined processes, and enabled effective international collaboration.


Creating clear dashboards for IT staff and management

Majorel’s IT department developed an IT PMO policy that included a rolling process with the right roles and committees with binding responsibilities. The Meisterplan Customer Success Team supported Majorel with the process design, the drafting of the IT PMO policy, and user training. The pilot region successfully introduced the process, and it was subsequently expanded to all IT portfolios across the organization.

Meisterplan was integrated with existing tools, enabling a holistic overview of all ongoing projects. This integration allowed Majorel to keep using its current tools while providing a centralized view of all ongoing projects. Furthermore, Meisterplan was connected to Power BI to create clear dashboards for IT staff and management.

Avoiding duplicate efforts, overlaps, and inefficient use of resources

The Lean PPM™ method was used to develop a portfolio process together with Meisterplan. The result was an overview of all IT projects and a structured process to manage the portfolio. By using this method, Majorel ensured that its global IT portfolio was aligned with its strategic goals and objectives while eliminating waste and continuously improving processes.

The implementation of Meisterplan has enabled Majorel to efficiently manage its global IT portfolios, ensuring that resources are utilized efficiently to drive business outcomes. The centralized overview provided by Meisterplan has helped avoid duplicate efforts, overlaps, and inefficient use of resources. Meisterplan has also enabled efficient international collaboration, allowing teams from different regions to work together effectively and ensure that the organization’s strategic goals are met.

In conclusion, Majorel’s successful implementation of Meisterplan has enabled efficient international collaboration, streamlined processes, and ensured that the organization’s IT portfolio is aligned with its strategic goals and objectives. The integration of Meisterplan with existing project management tools, the use of the Lean PPM™ method, and the support from the Meisterplan Customer Success Team were key factors in achieving this.


Dr. Ardin Djalali

Dr. Ardin Djalali

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