An easy 3 step guide to register to our Global Business Magazine platform for experts

Are you an expert and you would like to be easily found by potential costumer and/or possible partners? We’re here to help! if you register to our expert platform you will get a free personal profile you can personally edit with the most important info about your professional activity.

Follow this short guide to know how you can be part of Global Business Magazine’s experts community.

Step 1: register

  •  go to
  • fill out the form with your personal information
  • click on the “register” button at the end of the form

Step 2: check your inbox

  • click on activate your account
  • if you don’t find any email check your spam folder

Step 3: create your profile

  • you will receive a confirmation email with a login link, click it
  • fill out the form with your professional info
  • check it and submit it
  • we will have to review your profile and approve it


If you completed the preovious steps correctly and you get approved your profile will be online.
Here’s how your profile will look like this.

Furthermore, your Expert profile will immediatly appear in our filter platform and you can be now found among the other experts who joined us.

Check it out!

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