Driving Mexico from Within

Strategically located in Central Mexico, the most important economic area in the Country, Aguascalientes stands out as one of the most competitive States, having the highest standards of living, safety, innovation, growth, employment and investment attraction.


German companies have decided to locate in Aguascalientes, investing more than 300 million Euro in the past two years. Germany is the third country with the most Foreign Direct Investment in our state, only behind Japan and the United States.


Allgaier, Continental and Bosch are some of the firms that have decided to start operations here and transfer technology and innovation, and also provide specialized jobs to our young population. On top of that, we have been working very closely with the German authorities on implementing the Duales Ausbildungssystem.


With Sweden we share a diversification vision for the long run being automotive, aerospace, renewable energy and IT, the sectors we look forward to developing.


We have the best location, the best people and the best business climate. We are a very thriving and prosperous place, with a diversified economy and a very high quality of life. We are open for business and eager to have you visiting and investing in Aguascalientes. We welcome you to the best Mexico has to offer.

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