Driving Mexico from within

Aguascalientes is Mexico’s driving force, its engine. Strategically located in Central Mexico, the most important economic area for industry and services, Aguascalientes stands out as the most competitive State having the highest standards of living, innovation, growth, employment and investment attraction.

Aguascalientes has always been at the forefront of higher education, technology, IT infrastructure and innovation. Our people are educated and skilled, highly competitive and talented, and are available to all employers and new investors. We are connected by land, rail and air, having full road connectivity to the three major cities in Mexico, two of the main train lines and one International Airport. Thus, Aguascalientes is attracting large numbers of business and pleasure tourists alike.

Aguascalientes is one of the best places to invest according to the World Bank’s “Doing Business” ranking. Aguascalientes has sound Public Finances, provides security to foreign investors and has social peace. Also, Aguascalientes has the highest credit ratings of any Mexican State according to Standard and Poor’s and Fitch Ratings, making it one of the most secure and attractive places to invest.

The State in the North-Central Mexico has been growing fast and steadily, surpassing the national average consistently and, for 2018, Aguascalientes are bound to be the State with the fastest growing rate in Mexico. Auto, aerospace, healthcare, electronics, agribusiness and agroindustry, information technologies and logistics are all key sectors for Aguascalientes and are the driving forces behind the State’s stellar performance and growth.

Aguascalientes is the best location and has the best people and the best business climate. It is a very thriving and prosperous place, with a diversified economy and a very high quality of life. The State is open for business and eager to have visitors and investors in Aguascalientes.

Welcome to the best Mexico has to offer.

Aguascalientes State Government


Aguascalientes State Government
Economic Development Secretariat +52 (449) 910 2611



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